RAD #2

 So this week we found so really RAD things , but we picked our top one to share with you its AMAZING so get ready.  It is this wonderful handbag company, called Angela&Roi that donates 5 dollars for ever sale to a non-profit organization. Based on what color bag you purchase. One of the bag that we choose to show you guys is the Sunday Tote that helps support Breast Cancer awareness: (below):

How cute is this ^^^ I am in love and especially for October since its Breast Cancer Awareness month. It so cute if you have a classy style and for special occasions.  Also they have a black for more of an edgy or simpler style that helps support Melanoma medical research. 

Another gorgeous bag is the orange square tote that helps people that are affected by Kidney Cancer by providing services. How unbelievable is that?  This bag is so convenient for any occasion school or even work.  It looks perfect for the fall and its for a great cause.

                                        Check them out at:
                                        Help support them raise money for great causes!!

 photo combinsigniture_zpsc697357d.jpg


  1. really thinking about trying to a leather bag for myself. i fell in love with the coral one <3

  2. Yeah you should definitely get one!